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LabVIEW Front Panel Screen Capture IMI specializes in the design and implementation of software systems that directly comply with our customers' needs. Our engineers are all certified LabVIEW programmers and have a proven track record in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Our expertise in this field allows us to provide the customer with the best set of hardware and software solutions while keeping in mind the customerís need for a strong, flexible, and personalized product. IMIís primary goal is always to deliver a system that will meet and exceed the expectations while minimizing the cost and maintenance.

We are able to better serve our customers by utilizing our software development expertise alongside our broad engineering skills in Electrical, Computer, and Mechanical Systems. IMI engineers not only develop the software applications according to our customers' requirements, but also strive to understand the technological needs of the product line or application itself in order to give our software a unique and personalized feel.

Below you will find a few examples of the projects we have delivered in the programming field:

As part of an ongoing partnership, IMI assisted The Center for The Built Environment (CBE) to develop a multi-functional mobile cart and associated software tools to support under-floor air distribution (UFAD) commissioning and to collect indoor environmental data to support ongoing applied research in this area. The wireless monitoring and measurement system that IMI helped develop is portable, highly flexible, and easily deployable for all types of new and existing buildings. The system was deployed for the commissioning of the New York Times headquarters building. The software package that IMI developed for this project is capable of gathering, displaying, and analyzing the data from a wireless network of sensors. Written in LabVIEW, the software is capable of providing visualization of the deployed sensors on a floor plan.

Wireless network software package in LabVIEW - designed by IMI

For an HVAC manufacturer, IMI assisted with the development of an advanced thermal and environmental laboratory testing and demonstration facility. IMI was responsible for specifying the set of hardware that was deployed to collect data in the customerís facility and for creating the architecture and the LabVIEW software to control and monitor the system either locally or remotely. IMI accomplished the software development and testing from a distance.
HVAC facility LabVIEW package - designed by IMI
HVAC facility LabVIEW package - designed by IMIHVAC facility LabVIEW package - designed by IMI

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