Design and Analysis

Our engineers at IMI are experts in system ID, modeling, and developing state space non-linear advanced control algorithms. We have decades of experience in coding, implementation, and testing, and numerous happy customers.

Below you will find a few examples of the past projects we have delivered in this area:

IMI contributed to the Berkeley Robotics and Human Engineering Laboratory’s project BLEEX “to create a self-powered exoskeleton for strength and endurance enhancement of humans that is ergonomic, highly maneuverable, mechanically robust, lightweight and durable.” IMI was tasked with developing a custom real-time high-speed network to control the exoskeleton. A complex system, BLEEX uses more than 40 sensors and hydraulic mechanisms to distribute the load of a backpack holding about 70 pounds of gear.

Project BLEEX - Communications Network Designed by IMI

For a biotech startup, IMI developed the control system for an automated, high throughput, DNA spotter with auto-calibration features. IMI facilitated the migration from the original stepper based robotic system to a state-of-the art direct drive robotic system. The Direct Drive design was necessary to meet the customers demanding throughput requirements for the DNA spotter. As the technology was acquired in successive stages by a second biotech firm and then a large medical device manufacturer, IMI provided continuity in customer technical support for the final instrumentation.

DNA Spotter designed by IMI

For a semiconductor manufacturer, IMI accomplished the tasks of design and analysis of various high-order state space control algorithms for a proprietary sub-micron system, exceeding the required 100Hz bandwidth. Advanced control methodology was needed in the design to ensure a high sustainable throughput motion platform.

Semiconductor Design and Analysis by IMI

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